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Modumetal’s NanoGalv product is a commercially‐available surface coating system designed for corrosive and high strength applications. NanoGalv can be used as a drop‐in replacement for cadmium, a toxic substance, conventional galvanize, epoxy and PTFE coatings. NanoGalv has been field tested for several years in applications to fasteners and connectors and in aggressive marine environments.

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Modumetal’s ModuGalv product is designed for protecting transportation and construction infrastructure from corrosion. The ModuGalv system is designed to be a safe & cost effective solution to traditional electro galvanizing methods and can be adapted to continuous manufacturing lines. ModuGalv’s unique nanolaminate coating approach imparts substantial coating performance improvements that exceed traditional hot dipped galvanized materials by as much as 300%.

Nanoplex® C

Modumetal’s Nanoplex C product is a commercially-available system designed for protecting production and completion components, including pumps and valves, from adhesive wear and aggressive corrosion. Nanoplex has been deployed across multiple applications and in a variety of oil and gas environments. Nanoplex is a safe & cost effective solution which extends the surface life of production infrastructure and assets.

Nanoplex® WC

Modumetal’s Nanoplex product is a development-stage system designed for protecting industrial equipment from abrasive wear and corrosion. Nanoplex WC is designed as a drop in replacement for hard chrome, a toxic material, and Tungsten Carbide, a conflict-mineral containing compound. Nanoplex WC will be deployed in applications where the balance of high strength, ductility and wear performance are required.

ModuBrass™ Description

Modumetal’s ModuBrass product is designed for marine corrosion and wear resistance applications. This product is nickel-free and can be applied to both metallic and polymeric parts to provide corrosion and wear resistance respectively. Modumetal has developed ModuBrass for products that span marine and consumer electronics applications.