Corrosion Mitigation Alloys

Modumetal is creating a revolutionary new class of nanolaminated materials that will change design and manufacturing forever by dramatically improving the structural, corrosion and high temperature performance of coatings, bulk materials and parts.

Modumetal is based on the interaction of different materials at their interfaces. By laminating metals, Modumetal creates a new way to influence material properties. By growing metal using low-cost electrochemistry, Modumetal enables a whole new class of applications of these materials.

Since the Bronze Age, advances in metals technology have involved two things: modifying chemistry and modifying microstructure. In thousands of years, that hasn't changed, until now...

Today, Modumetal is poised to revolutionize metal performance as we know it by controlling material interfaces at the nanoscale. Modumetal represents a whole new way of producing parts. Our patented manufacturing process is bringing nano-scale materials to industrial scale applications.

The video shows how Modumetal's advanced manufacturing technology makes it possible to GROW nanolaminate structures, much like nature grows trees, shell and bone.