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In a vehicle that weighs 40,000 pounds, if half of that weight comes from armor, the lighter alloys would help slim it down to 30,000 pounds while maintaining the same ballistic performance...

Lightweight Strength When It Matters

Modumetal participated in the DARPA Armor Challenge program. DARPA, or the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, acts as the science and research arm of the Pentagon.

The primary goal for the armor challenge is a 50 percent reduction in weight compared to rolled homogeneous armor steel for protection against 7.62mm armor piercing rounds and 20mm blast simulating projectiles. A secondary objective is to be able to produce vehicle armor materials that are cost competitive with, or less than, RHA steel.

Christina Lomasney, Modumetal CEO, describes the practical applications of Modumetal, and why its potential benefits could outweigh those of traditional steel and ceramics. With nano-laminated alloys as part of the structure of a vehicle, the weight can be cut in half compared to RHA,” according to Lomasney.