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...the applications to the construction industry are far-reaching. For example, Modumetal can produce a lower-cost alternative to sheet metal for buildings and other structures, as well as rebar that is eight times more corrosion resistant.

Extreme Strength and Durability at a Competitive Cost

Using nano-layering technology, Modumetal is able to produce an entirely new class of metals and materials that are stronger and lighter, more corrosion resistant and durable than conventional steels and alloys, critical for key structural elements like rebar and sheet metal. The Company’s manufacturing process of nanolaminated metals – think metallic plywood with really thin layers – is also a breakthrough, able to deliver materials at a cost that is competitive with conventional alloys.

Modumetal's patented manufacturing approach uses electricity, rather than heat, as its primary energy input, enabling near room temperature operations and unlocking unprecedented materials performance at competitive costs.

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