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Across the Bronze Age, the Iron Age and even through the Age of Steel, manufacturing has depended on heat-based processing. Modumetal has shifted away from the heat-based source of energy in metals manufacturing, using a patented process with electricity as its energy source to create an entirely new class of nano-layered materials that is redefining the performance of metals at competitive cost, for industrial scale applications.

Modumetal was co-founded by Christina Lomasney, a physicist, to advance the state-of-the art in and to realize the full potential of a new class of nanolaminated metals. Through her leadership, The Modumetal Team has realized a technological breakthrough that would enable the production of a new class of nano-layered, high performance materials, at large scale, and a cost that is competitive with conventional materials.  Today, Modumetal is realizing the impact of this breakthrough technology in major industries spanning energy, transportation, propulsion and construction.

Modumetal's history dates back much further though. It starts during the Bronze Age, when the importance of advanced alloys was first realized and heat-based metals manufacturing expanded.

Modumetal breaks from this paradigm by using electricity instead of heat to produce metals and, through a patented approach, makes it possible to make nano-scale, layered metals at large scale.  Modumetal's technology makes it possible now to produce ultra-high performance metals that defy the performance limitations of materials as we know them today, at industrial scale, and at a cost that is competitive with conventional, homogeneous metals.  A Nano Age in metals is now being realized and it is Made with Modumetal.