Modumetal Announces that NanoGalv® Nanolaminated Alloys have Achieved Broad Industrial Specification in Multiple Market Applications

Modumetal’s NanoGalv® nanolaminated coating system has been sole-source specified in multiple industrial market applications and is rapidly ramping up production around the world. 

SEATTLE – March 27, 2017 For several years now, Modumetal has been working closely with major industrial partners and standards organizations to test, field trial and qualify its nanolaminated alloys for structural, corrosion and wear applications in industrial sector markets. Today, Modumetal announces that NanoGalv® zinc-based nanolaminated alloys have been broadly specified for corrosion protection of bolts and fasteners in sectors spanning oil and gas, construction, marine and infrastructure.

NanoGalv® alloy coatings have demonstrated dramatic increases in marine corrosion resistance when compared to conventional hot dipped galvanize, cadmium, zinc-nickel, epoxy, nickel-cobalt and other coating systems. Long term field trials of the NanoGalv® coatings, carried out by the largest independent oil and gas companies, marine industry leaders, Departments of Transportation, construction companies and others, have demonstrated that this increase in performance is achievable at a competitive or even lower cost than current coating solutions.

Today, NanoGalv® is trademark-product specified among most of the major oil and gas corporations. In many of these corporate specifications, NanoGalv® is the sole coating option that is compliant under the new API-20E requirements which will prohibit over-tapping of nuts to accommodate coating clearance. For a full listing of the global bolting specifications under which NanoGalv® is called out, contact Modumetal directly.

Modumetal is working in concert with existing, qualified suppliers of fasteners and coating services to bring the NanoGalv® coatings to market. Modumetal has previously announced that Tristar Fasteners of Singapore (, is the first licensed manufacturer of NanoGalv®, and the preferred supplier of NanoGalv® coated fasteners in Asia and Australia.

Stay tuned as Modumetal will be announcing additional licensees in North America, Europe, South America, and the Middle East soon!


About Modumetal:

Modumetal, Inc. of Seattle, WA, is pioneering the manufacture of a new class of nanolaminated metals with applications across a range of industries including energy, infrastructure, aerospace and automotive. In contrast to traditional heat-based production techniques, Modumetals are made using a patented, electrochemically-controlled process, enabling near room temperature operations and unlocking unprecedented materials performance for structural bulk materials and coatings at competitive costs. Using patented nanolamination technology, Modumetal has demonstrated entirely new class of metals and materials that are ushering in a new Age of Metals.

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