Hess and Modumetal Nanotechnology Partnership enters new phase

After Phase I trials, Modumetal moves to full scale evaluation in collaboration with HESS Corporation

Seattle, WA (November 19, 2012)  ‐ Hess (www.hess.com), a leading independent energy company has
given the go‐ahead to Modumetal (www.modumetal.com) to proceed to Phase II of an initiative to
measure the effective capability of Modumetal’s nanolaminated alloys to enhance certain properties of
steel that could have far‐reaching implications in the oil & gas industry.

Modumetal, a Seattle‐based firm which occupies a leadership role in the nanolaminated metal and
coatings market, is embarking on a series of new collaborations and partnerships as it seeks to deepen
its footprint in oil and gas markets.

“Modumetal is successful because the oil and gas industry sees our technology as innovative, and our
team as responsive to focusing on providing solutions and opportunities to the industry.  Our reputation
continues to grow as we innovate and develop material technology and coatings that will increase
performance, productivity and, ultimately, the bottom line for energy companies,” said Modumetal
CEO, Christina Lomasney. “By using our patented technology for potential Hess applications in
demanding and highly corrosive and punishing environments, we will even better prepare ourselves for
full‐scale entry in to this market segment.”

About Hess
Hess Corporation is a leading global independent energy company engaged in the exploration for and
production of crude oil and natural gas, as well as in refining and in marketing refined petroleum
products, natural gas and electricity. More information on Hess Corporation is available at

About Modumetal
Modumetal, Inc. of Seattle, WA, is leading the commercialization of a unique, patented class of
nanolaminated materials. These pioneering materials exemplify unprecedented performance for
structural, corrosion, and high temperature applications. Modumetal is made by a sustainable
electrochemical manufacturing approach, which reduces the cost and raw material consumption of
conventional metals manufacturing at the same time that it revolutionizes materials performance.