Modumetal Announces New and Expanding Nanolaminated Metal Production Facilities

Seattle, WA – Modumetal, the innovator and leading manufacturer of nanolaminated coatings, claddings and alloys, announces the commissioning of a new production facility in Snohomish County, as the company expands its footprint in oil and gas markets.

The new production facility is supporting production lines for coatings and claddings of oil and gas production and casing tubulars, and is already expanding to accommodate growing product interest.

“Modumetal continues to deploy products in field trials and applications around the world with our Supermajor and Independent oil company partners,” said Modumetal CEO, Christina Lomasney. “By using our patented coating and cladding technology in demanding, highly corrosive and punishing environments, we are demonstrating significant improvements in the performance, durability and longevity of oil-producing assets, all while maintaining cost competitiveness with commodity metal products.”

The Snohomish County production facility commissioning follows a major expansion of the company’s prototype production facility in Seattle, WA, earlier this year, to field coatings and claddings for pump and valve applications in oil and gas fields.

About Modumetal

Modumetal, Inc. of Seattle, WA, is leading the commercialization of a unique, patented class of nanolaminated materials. These pioneering materials exemplify unprecedented performance for structural, corrosion, and high temperature applications. Modumetal is made by a sustainable electrochemical manufacturing approach, which reduces the cost and raw material consumption of conventional metals manufacturing at the same time that it revolutionizes materials performance. (