Modumetal Honored at 2016 Washington Manufacturing Awards

Modumetal Honored at 2016 Washington Manufacturing Awards

Seattle Business Magazine selects Modumetal as Large Firm Manufacturing Innovation winner for its revolutionary metals production technology

Seattle, Wash. – May 2, 2016 – Modumetal, the leading manufacturer of a new class of nanolaminated metals and materials, is a 2016 winner of Seattle Business Magazine’s Washington Manufacturing Awards. The annual award recognizes Washington-based companies that are making important progress in the areas of productivity, growth and innovation. “This award further validates the promise of our innovative, electrochemical metal growth process,” said Christina Lomasney, CEO and founder of Modumetal. “We are advancing a new class of metals and materials that out-perform and are superior to traditional steels and alloys – which will revolutionize the way we build the world around us.” Using nano-layering technology, Modumetal manufactures metals that are stronger, lighter, more corrosion resistant and durable than conventional steels and alloys. The company’s manufacturing process for nanolaminated metals – think metallic plywood with really thin layers – is also a breakthrough, able to deliver materials at a cost that is competitive with conventional alloys.

“Technological development in metals manufacturing hasn’t progressed since the advent of steel,” said Lomasney. “We are now able to manipulate and configure each layer of metal, at a molecular level, to create performance characteristics that before were not thought possible. “The applications of Modumetal are vast,” said Lomasney. “From building safer public infrastructure and more corrosion-proof parts to developing stronger military armor, Modumetal has a real opportunity to enhance any industry that relies on metals.” More information about the Washington Manufacturing Awards, including winners from other categories, can be found on their website: To learn more about Modumetal, please visit:


About Modumetal Modumetal is pioneering the manufacture of a new class of nanolaminated metals with applications across a range of industries including energy, aerospace, automotive and construction. Modumetal’s patented manufacturing approach uses electricity, rather than heat, as its primary energy input, enabling near room temperature operations and unlocking unprecedented materials performance at competitive costs. Modumetal has established partnerships with leading oil and gas, aerospace and technology companies, and the company’s investors include Founders Fund, BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Steel Dynamics. To learn more, please visit