London Environmental Investment Forum discusses Modumetal Performance

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Modumetal reacts to ‘Top 12′ Materials Start-up Accolade

Modumetal, the nanolaminated alloy company, has today responded to a report that last week singled the company out as a ‘top 12′ materials start-up. The company manufactures new nanolaminated alloys that are stronger and lighter than steel.

The report, published by the London Environmental Investment Forum, revealed that investment in the new materials sector had grown rapidly over the last 12 months with venture capitalists investing more than $2bn in the sector.

Modumetal was singled out by the report as a company with high potential that had received a lion’s share of this investment.

The company controls the interfaces of materials at the nanoscale by laminating materials. It has pioneered a new nanolaminated alloy which it believes will replace conventional metals and composites in many applications, including military armor, cars, planes and buildings.

Christina Lomasney, CEO of Modumetal, said: “Today, Modumetal is poised to revolutionize metal performance as we know it by controlling material interfaces at the nanoscale.

“Our novel manufacturing process is poised to dramatically reduce the overall energy consumption of conventional metal part manufacturing and redefines the approach to materials engineering. In leveraging nanotechnology, we are representing a whole new way of producing parts that achieve unprecedented performance.”