Modumetal is a revolutionary nanolaminated alloy that is stronger and lighter than steel, more corrosion resistant than galvanize,  durable than chrome and is redefining metals performance in major industries.  Modumetal will replace conventional metals and composites in applications, spanning infrastructure, cars, planes, buildings, energy, construction and more.

Modumetal is an industrial scale manufacturing process that delivers nanolaminated alloys at a cost that is competitive with conventional metals processes.

Modumetal is a revolutionary production process that allows users to “grow” parts, eliminating whole steps from the conventional metals manufacturing process, while defining the reality of additive manufacturing in the industrial scale.

Modumetal is a new model for metals and represents a sea change in historical material tradeoffs and accepted metals limitations.

The success of Modumetal will usher in a new generation of materials, allowing the manufacture of products that have only been hypothetical before now. Through partnerships with powerhouses in energy, construction and transportation, Modumetal will bring nano-scale metals to bear in industrial scale applications.